Image: YO!

So starts a new chapter in my life – I am officially starting a blog! Settling into my late 20’s it has become frighteningly clear that I have a become a very stubborn in my daily routine. I have decided that each day I need to have a lifegasm – no no no please do not confuse this with a XXX big O kinda thing – this is strictly about finding pleasure in each day. Pleasure comes in many forms but for me I have it mostly comes at the bottom of a bottle(be it beer, wine, or liquor),  getting my sweat on, obsessing over sports, and oh most of all shoving delicious morsels of food in my mouth. I must warn you that I’m not always the most politically correct person nor am I one to bite my tongue…I often speak/type before I think so most of this will be unedited word vomit with pictures to boot! If you don’t mind a little randomness, brutal honesty, and a daily chuckle follow on my friends and let’s get this party started!


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