Thursday Night Football Hangover

TGIF takes on a new meaning in the fall…eff Friday…FOOTBALL!!! There is nothing better than going to work and knowing that the lifegasm at the end of the day is the joy that is TNF – except if you’re playing Fantasy Football and a W means nothing when you have Aaron Rodgers as your QB and he scores a dismal 16 points while his defense goes on to put up 26. That aside I am torn between being a football fanatic and an overly invested FFL GM. I have two teams this year and that is far more of a hassle than I anticipated – not so much because I don’t know how to set a lineup but more so bc I so many players to keep up with and sometimes I have to root for someone on a team I loathe and wish injuries to players I don’t really have anything against. ::Jay Cutler is not one of those players – he is a first rate pansy. My apologies to the city of Chicago for having that hot mess as a QB:: Being a FFL GM I tend to find myself cheering for things that any normal football loving beer drinking American would scoff at. Who doesn’t want to see Peyton Manning throw an bomb in the endzone to one of his recievers?! Well on Week 1 when I was facing off against him – THIS GIRL! I have to tell you all that Peyton Manning has been my favorite football player since I was a wee little lass. He played at UT and got drafted by the Colts both of which occurred while I was living in those states…so I have a long running love for this man, his knowledge of the game, and hard work he puts into perfecting his craft. But on the faithful night of his return instead of cheering him on to throw for his life – I cheered for him to let his boys run the ball. I didn’t even wear my new jersey that game…the Karma gods came and showed me a thing or two. I left 29 points that would have won me that game on the bench and I lost Week 1 and started questioning every single one of my players tempted to drop their asses for such weak performances. I got over it and kept my boys right where there needed to be and vowed never to root against Peyton doing what he does best…WIN. I’ll undoubtedly have many more posts regarding football whether it be NCAAFB or NFL but I thought I’d leave a list of my loves and hates:


  • Peyton Manning – living legend. Nuff said!
  • Indianapolis Colts – still trying to get used to Luck. I want to hate him but it’s not his fault his GM is a the grinch who sold Peyton.
  • Seattle Seahawks – once referred to as “the Siberia of the NFL” by Mike and Mike but still home of THE 12th Man!
  • University of Washington Huskies – work in progress. Don’t hate because they got blown out by an LSU team that was a national title competitor last year!
  • Notre Dame – who doesn’t love Lou Holtz and the tradition of the Fightin’ Irish. Well…probably a lot of you but growing up a not so good Catholic girl in Indiana I’ve just always had an affinity for the Irish. Aside from the month I held a grudge against them after I eagerly opened my college acceptance letter from them to find I had been wait listed – no no I am not bitter anymore.
  • Drew Brees – Purdue Boilermaker…I forgot to mention my dad taught ROTC at Purdue so yes he QB’d there and I like to support athletes who work hard and push themselves to be great. Take notes Wahbaby Cutler!


  • Pittsburgh Steelers – aside from Troy’s flowing locks there is nothing about that team I enjoy. They stole a Super Bowl win from the Hawks and Big Ben is massively repulsive. Big Man with quick feet blah blah blah….
  • Oakland Raiders – Oakland Raiders. Although McFadden is a stud – please play somewhere else!
  • Jay Cutler – what a waste. I hope his O-Line decides to start sacking him.
  • Washington State University – Leech isn’t the 2nd coming of God and your football team still sucks.



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