Return of the Man..ning

ImageI’m going to dedicate this post to my love for Peyton and the actual joy I have in being able to watch the NFL for the first time this season without cheering and jeering for individual players on multitudes of teams just so I can pick up a FFL victory. Tonight I get to focus on watching the game being played by one of the most talented players to ever play the game in a shade of orange that I don’t really think looks good on anyone. Now I know football is not all about fashion but with Nike stepping in that could change rather quickly…but let’s hope it doesn’t. I actually commend the Packers for saying “thanks – but no thanks” to an updated jersey and sticking to tradition. Back to what this post is really about though – PEYTON.

Many people doubted his return to the game, didn’t think he’d have “the touch,” and pretty much just wrote off any chance that he’d have to return to glory. BLASPHEMY! To be a professional athlete you have to obviously have to have some skill and knowledge about the sport your playing and obviously the size/strength to perform but some people get lucky and are born genetic freaks who can run and jump better than others. What makes an athlete rise to an elite status and what separates the AP’s from the TO’s of the world is simply work ethic and humility. Peyton Manning has the drive to win, to push through adversity, and to expect more from himself and those around him that will keep him winning until the day he retires. Winners don’t just keep winning because they have talent – if that was the case the Eagles wouldn’t have struggled as much as they have and the Packers would have won the Super Bowl last year – winners keep winning because they don’t accept defeat. Life isn’t measured in a simple W-L percentage like the NFL so keep track of your everyday wins and take note of your losses so that you can learn from them. Peyton should inspire any of you out there to keep pushing yourself – mark my words…he’ll get another ring.

The chips can’t get you down if you know you can get right back up. 


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