These boots were made for walking.

…and that’s pretty much all my legs will allow me to do – brutal run last night. Gone are the days where I could run for hours…or what felt like hours…but these days a lil 3 mile loop has me feeling like I’m way beyond my midish twenties. So for all you young bucks out there – DON’T take your body for granted…or your ability to go on all night ragers without a killer hangover the next day for that matter! As I quietly sit here at work on my ball with my daily piece of AM turkey bacon I can’t help but to reminisce about the freedom I used to have to work out whenever I wanted to without experiencing the old lady aches that follow.

Anywho back to the subject I originally intended to babble about – finding fun in your workouts. Seattlelitesare experiencing a dry spell that’s let our summer linger into September and there is nothing better than running around Greenlake! Yes – slight over exaggeration but don’t be so judgey. There are little things that everyone enjoys in life and quite frankly one of mine is WINNING! Who doesn’t like to win? I even like to win competitions that no one knows they’re having with me…which is exactly what I did on my run last night. Everyone who runs in Seattle runs around Greenlake and I mean everyone! The people who really fascinate me are silver hairs who run sprint laps around…are you effing kidding me?! C’mon if I’m in pain then someone 20+ years older than me has to be in pain…right? It’s super frustrating but I hate losing so in my stubborn and somewhat dellusionally competitive head I made my run a game! I decided to pick one person running ahead of me and catch up to them and once I caught up with them keep on picking. The game went well(I won of course) and I got an amazing run in complete with sweat stung eyes. My legs hurt but that’s the point.

If you can’t push thru the pain of your workout you’re never gonna see results. 


4 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking.

  1. I am SO guilty of having competitions with people that don’t even know we’re having them.
    What can I say? I’m competitive and I like to win… and it’s easier to win if they don’t know we’re racing.

    • Nothing says slow like getting passed up by a lady who could be my grammy…it happens to me often and I only hope that I can return the favor in a few decades! 🙂

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