Well Hello Thursday – you don’t feel as good as you should.

Thoughts when I woke up for the gym this AM:

  • I do NOT want to do this
  • Why the eff am I still sore from Tuesday’s run
  • The gym sounds hellacious today
  • FUCK YES it’s Thursday Night Football tonight get the hell up puss

Thoughts while at the gym:

  • When did I become the chick who doesn’t wear makeup in public
  • Fuck. Legs. Hurt. ::2 mins into stair climber::
  • Yippee Mike and Mike on ESPN2 to start my day
  • Chest day makes me feel like weak sauce
  • Damn it feels good to be a gangsta – waking up at 5 AM ain’t no thang
  • Working out to LOSE YOURSELF ala Eminem makes you feel like a bad ass. ::I probably scared a few people with my mean mug thug walk::
  • Strong is sexy

Thoughts driving to work:

  • Need coffee now
  • How many hours til kickoff
  • OH shit son – Victor Cruz is playing tonight ::fantasty STUD for me last week::
  • Step on gas – legs hurt – step on brakes – legs hurt – getting old sucks
  • Can I go home now

As much as I love it when fall rolls around in Seattle and football season gets into full swing – I hate waking up in the dark. Today’s motivation simply came in the form of pure cash money. I get a $20 reimbursement thru work for going to the gym at least 12 times a month – who says no to free money? Not me! Now you may not get any money back for going to the gym but I guarantee if you do the following you’ll be more than pumped to walk into the gym at the butt crack of dawn before all the other lazies in your area even bat an eye:

  1. Add Lose Yourself to your workout mix – EXPLICIT VERSION ONLY
  2. Drive to gym
  3. Put headphones on and press play before you get out of your car
  4. Feel the flow until the 0:50 second mark
  5. By now you are PUMPED and ready to do work
  6. Walk into gym feeling like a bad ass
  7. DO WORK!!!

Don’t expect your body to transform into what you want it to be while you’re laying in bed.


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