Holy ballsacks this day is not close to being over! As I was start to fade into numbness that I am only attributing to getting my ass out of bed when I wanted to sleep this morning and going to the gym I hear the unmistakable sound of a can being popped – is popped the right word…no cracked cracked open I jolt out of my daze to see that much to my chagrin it was just a Pepsi can being opened not a Bud Light and Thursday Night Football is still hours away. Yes I always associate cans opening with beer and I love Bud Light – don’t judge me. It is a light refreshing football friendly beer! I am an avid beer drinker and I much prefer IPAs when I’m feeling classy – OK! To keep my sanity I must blog – so here is my list of Loves and Hates for today:


  • Diet Coke IN A CAN
  • Thursday Night Football – I’m starting Victor Cruz and Brandon LaFell tonight! Wish em the best or shut it
  • Heading to Boston in 2 weeks – Brady and Peyton face off and you best believe I’ll be sporting my Broncos jersey in Beantown
  • The sun is shining in Seattle
  • Only 3 more days til NFL SUNDAY
  • I have a house full of booze waiting for me at home


  • Working
  • I start my cleanse tomorrow – yeah I was supposed to start today but a long night turned into an early morning and I’ll start tomorrow for real
  • Moving Andy Dalton to the starting QB over Aaron Rodgers in Week 3
  • Having to pee every 15 minutes – obsessed with my new Camelbak water bottle keep drinking water keep having to pee – I am getting worried that I may like biting the tip a lil too much
  • Being sober right now

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.



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