Triple F Friday Folks!

FOOTBALL FITNESS FOOD! That’s what it’s all about today and I’m not smiling. Normally I would be ecstatic that it’s Friday and the weekend is around the corner but nope not today. So on with it…


Thursday night football is now my nemesis. Any players that I’ve had starting on a Thursday have shit the bed. Oh hey Victor Cruz thanks for the 4 points…I guess it’s better than nothing but c’mon man really?! Nothing makes me happier than WINNING and that performance isn’t helping the cause. I have never screamed so much at Eli in my life and I will confess that I kinda hoped that a player or two got concussed so that my guys could get some points but I felt really bad about it – kinda.  I had LaFell going in one league and I was up against him in another – eff it. I digress. Thursdays are just not good nights for my squads. Normally I would have no issues starting Rodgers this week but after that scary performance put on by THE Seattle Seahawks D last week – I think Mr. Discount Double Check will be benched for the Dalton Green duo this weekend. My heart breaks a little but I was at the faithful playoff game where Mr. Brees himself was put to shame in the 206. I am counting on my RBs to keep their legs strong, heads down, and balls tucked this weekend bc I have a lot of points to make up for! As the defending champ of one of my leagues I’m not very impressed with my team’s performance this year. I’m still having a head versus heart battle when it comes to Fantasy Football and being a fan of the game…I cheer for stupid shit like FGs and rushing TDs versus 50+ yard bombs and sometimes I even find joy in injuries…UGH! The love of the game and the desire to win cash money and bragging rights…the battle will rage on this Sunday…best of luck friends.


Getting in shape isn’t easy and it isn’t pretty…see above. I don’t get all dolled up at 5 AM to get my sweat on and neither should you. Please note that people who are dedicated to their routine don’t give a damn what you look like in the morning so don’t let that be another thing hold you back. I decided to post my no make up look to prove to you that even though I gym it up more for my vanity than my health…it’s not a glamorous process. It’s painful and I make noises that I’m sure I’d be embarrassed about making in public if it weren’t for the scary gentleman who sounds like he’s having a hernia with every squat. Oh squats – today was leg day and it’s the one muscle group I can push myself to exhaustion without having a spotter. That being said – I am fucking beat but I still did it. What did you do this morning? ::My intentions here are to make you feel a little guilty about sleeping in so that next time you decide to get an extra dose of shut eye you get outta bed instead:: Eh, even if you don’t get out of bed to workout you may not be doing yourself any favors but I enjoy an empty gym lazy ass.


So I’m starting an eat clean phase and I am not a happy camper. I picked the perfect day to start – on the eve of Fremont Oktoberfest. Not to mention it’s football season and I love beer. I’m not sure if I mentioned that before but I really really love beer and consider it to be an acceptable food substitute. I know I’ll never reach my goals if I don’t buckle down but my chia seed whey protein shake a handful of nuts and this cup o java just ain’t cutting it. Fast forward to lunch(my favorite part of work) and all I have to look forward to is a can of tuna or chicken breast with a bag of salad and some veggie juice. Holy shit – I almost forgot I also have my mean green to look forward to guzzling down. BARF – how does some juiced up greens, mint, cucumbers, lime, and pineapple sound? If you think it sounds delish you are sorely mistaken my friend…it kinda tastes like bile. Just sayin. Food…my joy in life…I’ll miss you my friend. Excuse me while I mourn. Someone should invent a pill that gives me everything I need to sustain my workouts and curb my hunger…any takers?


…finally. Nothing pisses me off more than people who bitch ::as I did above:: about things but don’t anything to change their situation. Whether it’s something that can be done easily(like doing some player research for your teams) or something that will require more dedication(a la not shoving everything I want down my throat – get your head outta the gutter I’m talking food here) nothing changes without YOU. So I need to change my attitude at some point today because I’m tired and sore and already hungry. RAWR.

Don’t settle for less than you’re best unless you’re OK with people thinking you’re best is just mediocre. 


2 thoughts on “Triple F Friday Folks!

  1. HI! I see we are going through the same thing! Two days ago World of Beer had Good Gourd (a pumpkin beer) not just on tap, but on nitro. Started eating clean and working out a little over week ago and it’s NOT EASY. I keep reminding myself what’s more important and so my fridge is stacked with delicious beer that I haven’t touched. Anyway, keep up the hard work! 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement…at least no one brought any cookies or cupcakes into work like they usually do. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna want a beer by the end of the day more so than I already do right now…

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