Weekend Rewind

This weekend went by way too quickly and without much in the way of true excitement aside from Fantasy Football and a lil Saturday outing that caused me to derail from my fitness routine. Yes…it was an epic fail to try to stay sober during a good friend’s going away shindig but I did only stick to vodka soda(s) with lime and I did NOT succomb to the deliciousness that is the Seattle Dog after a night out. ::if you haven’t had one I suggest you make your way to the 206 to try one:: As I look back to the weekend I can only make heads and tails of it thru fails and wins:


  • Drinking. I made it 2 days. Going away party or not. Vodka only or not. Epic fail.
  • Only went to the gym on Saturday. Tried to get up on Sunday but I was feeling a little booze fatigued and I feel fat/worthless.
  • Fantasy Injuries: DHB and CJ Spiller both down and even if it wasn’t an injury my Lions D might have well all gotten run over by a train. Piss poor performance. Same goes for Rivers.
  • High heels. My feet have swelled up due to a 6 inch heel night and barely fit in my Sperry’s and I am quite sore. Note to self: although fab and hot pink they are the devil stay away from them.
  • Meat. All I want to do is eat meat and it’s all I can think about.


  • Starting Andy Dalton and AJ Green. Sorry Rodgers but you’re going up against the Seahawks tonight and well I’m scared for my #1 overall pick.
  • Not losing my clutch/phone/dignity while running around the city in a drunken haze.

Yeah…sooooo…as you can my weekend got me nowhere near my fitness goals buuuuut hey at least I had a good time making memories with good people. Fuck it. Life can’t always go as planned and the memories we make are priceless. Too bad the liquid calories have earned me a run around the lake tonight before I can enjoy MNF. I’m gonna go get some meat and eat it in front of the TV (sans beer in hand). Le sigh…back on the bandwagon I go.

Stay fit my friends – but don’t forget to have a lil fun along the way.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

    • It’s true – I felt bad all day yesterday but decided to let it go and just enjoy the time I had saying goodbye to a good friend. Back on the horse again tho…

  1. Sitting Rodgers worked for me too haha…. On another note, try taking in some NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) before you go to bed on a night of drinking, it will help your hangover =)

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