OK – it’s half way thru the work week and this is when most people are starting to get a little tired of work and working out and the glimmer of Monday’s motivation just starts to fade. Well…GET THE HUMP OVER IT! I am not the ideal fitness motivator or a breath of fresh inspiration. I approach working out/gym/fitness/health/nutrition with the realism that it’s not easy nor is it pretty but if you’re doing it right the end results will be more than worth while if you accept that there will be pain and dark days along the way. Let’s be honest – NO ONE(well maybe only crazeballs Richard Simmons) honestly enjoys working out just because it’s a fucking good time. You need to find your keys to success, set goals, and celebrate the small things. So as you contemplate eating that piece cake that your coworker undoubtedly brought into work to lure you away from your rice cake or plan your weekly HH with coworkers to discuss how absolutely ridick your boss is think about these things. I’ll share mine with you – but don’t be too judgey bc after all I’m only human and I gotta make this fitness thing work for me.


  • Plan Ahead Grocery stores and organic coops offer delivery so there’s really no excuse to not have the items you need to stay on track…no matter how busy you tell yourself you are. It’s easier to skip out on the chips when you’ve got veggies to munch on with a side of hummus. I’ve started to keep frozen veggies on hand because I felt like a wasteful jerk throwing away bins of fresh veg I just didn’t get around to eating and also cook extra chicken at night so that I’ll have lunch taken care of.
  • Remember the fails Nothing gets me more “motivated” to get a workout in than remembering how I felt when something didn’t go my way. As I’ve said before, one of the main reasons I work out is due to vanity. I’m very aware of it and it keeps me motivated. Nothing sucks worse than getting ready to enjoy the first day of summer and slipping on that bikini to realize you hate what you see in the mirror. I hate that feeling and next summer it is NOT going to happen again. Not everyone will identify with this but make it your own. 
  • Sleep I find that I am very lackadaisical about my workout in the morning if I didn’t get enough sleep. I used to give myself kudos just for waking up to and trudging to the gym…but what really is the point if you aren’t really working. If I don’t feel like I’ve rested enough I sleep a lil more and begrudgingly move my workout to the PM. I loathe the gym in the evenings more pretty people trying to be pretty with other people. AM gymmers are much less social and much more grumpy focused it seems.
  • Cut it out I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love beer and wine and vodka sodas and I will not give them up ::homie don’t play that I tried and it just wasn’t worth it:: but I have to cut them out to be where I want to be. What’s a boozehound girl to do?! I cut it out of my M-F routine. Luckily I’m not real pasta or potatoes fan and I don’t have a rice cooker at home(please forgive me fellow islanders) so I’ve also cut out unnecessary carbohydrates along with coffee(tea is my new weapon of choice, diet coke, and I’ll probably keep cutting as I progress. The point of my blog was to find happiness in everyday and I’m not removing booze from my life because it makes me happy and I’m willing to run an extra few miles or five to have it.
  • Be Accountable Life isn’t a blame game so everything that doesn’t go as planned sh0uldn’t be cause to look for someone to point the finger at. Your fitness goals are your own and you need to be accountable to yourself. I may bitch and complain that the older I get the uglier and fatter I feel but it’s all up to me to turn that around. I’ll admit that I have moments that I feel very insecure about myself some days and that I do get down but that’s gonna happen to everyone. If you give in to those thoughts and don’t push through them it’ll only get worse. If you can’t trust yourself to be accountable find one of those annoying PM gym people to befriend that will stalk you every time you miss spin class. 
  • Write it Down I’ve started to write down what goes in my mouth throughout the day – ewe no not like that. Looking at my list I can figure out if I’ve been a heffer throughout the day or if I need to throw a little more roughage down my throat….I usually don’t have that problem. I love to eat and this is helping me to visualize my fatness.


  • Get skinny OK before you all jump down my throat about how being skinny doesn’t mean healthy – let me explain! I will never be skinny so this is my version of skinny that basically means I don’t have to buy new clothes because my old clothes don’t fit. I used to contemplate getting my thigh muscle removed bc I just felt like my legs were fat…10 years later my muscles are still not removed and I just focus on getting them lean.
  • ABS I want abs that are noticeable not just the morning abs that give you that morning boost but abs that will stick around during the day. I know I have to do more cardio to get it so I’m starting small and adding an extra hour of cardio to my workouts 3 times a week. I did 90 minutes on the crossramp last night thanks for Flipping Out and The Voice. 🙂
  • Bench BW Okay so I may only be able to get up 1 rep of 100 right now but I’m hell bent on trying to get my BW up by the time 2013 rolls around. I don’t know how feasible it is so I’m just aiming at 5 pounds a month increase.
  • Fun Runs From Warrior Dash to Color Runs and Zombie sprees alike I need to do more of these. They’re fun and they get you moving plus you get to involve your friends in something active – which a lot of my friends need. 😉


Getting to where you want to be isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be because those who work hard should be rewarded and are. Gloat in the little things! You did an extra five minutes on the treadmill – maybe you can add some lite coo lwhip to your berry snack. Went a whole week without grabbing a piece of candy or cookie at work – have a beer watching the game. Woke up before your alarm – have an americano before work.

Don’t deprive yourself of joy in your fitness journey because working out isn’t really as fun as the million FB check-ins at your run of the mill gym make it out to be.


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