Thirsty Thursday

Oy vey – where do I begin? Life without booze makes Thirsty Thursday kinda just Thursday but I’m holding strong and cutting back.

Gym Food and all that Jazz

I skipped the gym today because I was NOT feeling the PM gym crowd. I will never be a true PM gym goer – there is just something about the smell of various people lingering through my nostrils when I’m breathing heavily that makes me want to vomit. They need a better ventilation system and possibly a person who goes around and cleans people not just the equipment at the gym. I made sure I got a quick back workout in and bolted outta that stank box to pick up my essentials and prep for the rest of the week. I’m doing well with my nutrition plan and just need to keep focusing on increasing my cardio. I like to keep it simple when it comes to food. Here’s a sample of my meals from the last day:

Breakfast: PB on whole wheat toast, chai tea, half a banana, non-fat greek yogurt.

Lunch: Chicken breast tenderloins on a bed of spinach and lettuce with avocado and tomato, miso soup, green tea.

Dinner: Baked corn tortilla tostada topped with beans, chicken, lettuce, avocado, tomato, salsa.

As you can see I use the same ingredients a lot of time for my lunch and dinner to save time and make life easier. I always have plenty of water during the day and I’m starting to think my coworkers think I have a bladder problem or have at least started taking bets on how many times I trek to the bathroom. I’m making it my mission to wake up extra early tomorrow to get in my missed gym time so let’s hope this TNF game goes a little quicker with the replacement refs out!


The anticipation of not only NCAAFB but also TNF has got me chomping at the bit to get home tonight. I’m dragging ass today and can’t tell if it’s because I just haven’t been getting the sleep I need or if it’s bc I switched from coffee to tea. I mean it shouldn’t matter because I’m not drinking decaf but whatevs I’m ready to get the night started and watch some football. I made a few waiver wire transactions last night and think I’m looking pretty good. I need Rodgers to get his revenge against the Aints Saints and Choice to run big against the Pats. I’m really disappointed in the Lions D and dropped them in both of my leagues. ::Please don’t let this bite me in the ass:: If you’ve read my previous blogs you know that I don’t fare well on Thursday nights so I have no players going tonight. I am very excited however to have the replacement officials out and the muscle bound Hochuli back in my life. Everyone can now move on from the Seahawks Packers debacle…thanks for helping Seattle secure a place in the sporting world Goodell. In other news, the Huskies take on the Trees…or whatever Stanford is and I’m hoping that won’t be a repeat of that LSU slaughtering. I’m really impressed with Mr. Luck’s successor and hope that Nunes shatters all of his records…not that I don’t want Luck to have his legacy over shadowed for taking over Peyton’s spot. Well, maybe I do…yes…I do know that it isn’t Andrew’s fault that Irsuck Irsay got rid of Peyton but it’s still a fresh wound. Back to my point – GO DAWGS!

Football lives here.


5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I have to stop chugging water by 6pm-ish otherwise I’m up 3 times a night! During the day bathroom breaks are a good excuse to get away from my desk 😉

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