Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Ahhhh we can all sigh that Friday sigh of relief that the weekend is a few measly hours away. I say measly now but I know that once its 90 minutes away those will be the longest 90 minutes of my life. But the hard part is over with I’m up for the day and sipping on my tea getting ready to blog my ass off. We’ve got a lot to cover folks and it’s all about Football, Fitness, and Food! Whoda thunkit?


Apple Cup ’11

Holy shit. What a week for Seattle football! The CLink(Century Link Field) has got something in the water there because both the Seahawks and Huskies put on amazing displays of defense this week! The offense leaves a lot to be desired but whatevs if your defense can win you games(a la the 49ers last season) get those wins! Apparently the Cougars have a game at the Clink tomorrow but they are facing off against the Oregon Ducks and I don’t care if UW just upset the #8 Stanford – ain’t no way in hell the Cougars are gonna get the W. I mean let’s be honest they can’t even win at home against a shitty Colorado team. Congrats Mike Leech – you’re now apart of the Coug “winning” tradition.

As far as the NFL goes – I lied. I totally had Ray Rice starting in one of my leagues…can someone tell me WTF is wrong with him? Barely winning against a pitiful Browns team with only 9.6 points? Joe Flacco you stole my TD! I’ll be writing your coaches to explain the importance of only scored RR rushing TDs for the remainder of the season, thank you very much! In other news I’m taking Rodgers off the bench and giving him the chance to prove himself this week against Breesy and his rag tag game of lost boys. Mister Rivers needs to prove himself as well a pitiful 3 points won’t get me to win any game. I can’t wait for Sunday!!! Oh – I was the numero uno in points scored last week. Thank you no need for applause…



I got a full physical complete with blood work and pee tests last week and got my results last night. I was pretty nervous because I haven’t gone to the doctor in a long time to get checked out. Sitting with my doc he gave me the great news that all of my tests were great and my good and bad cholesterol levels were optimal which he attributed to me being a gym rat…thanks doc! 🙂 His nurse had to draw more blood to do a thyroid test and she left me with this lovely track mark. Oh well, with that great news I was a little more motivated to hit the gym and decided that today is a double gym sesh kinda day. I woke up and did chest today and will be doing cardio this afternoon. I find that if I do too much in the morning before I’ve gotten any real nutrients in my body I am sluggish throughout the day. I like being complimented on my dedication to vanity health and it pushes me to keep going. Side note: I actually had to dress up in adult clothes for work yesterday and much to my surprise my black dress pants that used to be a lil snug now have more than enough wiggle room in em! Heck yeah bitches I forgot to facebook that yesterday! Hah. Anyway – it’s hard for me to do chest by myself because I like having someone around to spot me but I decided to nut up and work this AM:

  • Round 1: Bench 15 reps 65# – Leg Raises – 10 Bosu ball pushups – 15 weighted Crunchy Frog(I dunno what it’s really called)
  • Round 2: 10 reps 75# – Leg Raises – 12 Bosu Ball pushups – 15 CF
  • Round 3: 8 reps 85# 7 reps 65# 7 reps 75# 10 reps 45#(I did these untilI could do them no more without dropping the bar on my face) – LR – 15 BBP – 15 CF

I followed that circuit with both pectoral flies and decline presses on the cable cross machine as well as incline presses. Between every set of weights I always do abdominal/core work to keep my heart rate up while the muscles I’m working are resting. I can tell if I get a good workout depending on how good my makeup looks and trust me it kinda looks like a lil kid drew all over my face. Nothing like being sore after a work out – ahhh hurts so good. Cardio this evening and legs tomorrow! BEAST MOOOOOOOODE!


Subtle change but it makes me happy.

So nutrition is the biggest hindrance of my success but I’ve been great this week and eating fresh and prepping my meals and snacks. Isn’t it amazing what sticking to your goals can do for you? I’ve noticed that I don’t look as bloated in the morning and I do feel a lot more peppy throughout the day when I eat better. Not to mention I can eat a lot more when I’m eating things that are healthy. Today I started off with a smoothie after the gym had some PB toast and a banana. The smoothie got me thru til around 9 and then I had to eat. ::SMOOTHIE: Mint, frozen blueberries, frozen banana, splash of OJ, rice milk, water, ice, whey protein isolate. Blend and drink!:: I’ve been burping up mint ever since I’m not sure if you need to know that it just struck me as odd that I had a really minty mouth and I realized it’s from my smoothie burps. I’ve already said no to a Seattle Dog after tonight’s outing and I’m feeling really good about it. I’m only craving beer which thankfully I can have now that the weekend is drawing near.


It’s practically the weekend and with fun stuff planned with great friends it’s gonna be hard to no succumb to the indecencies of fried goodness that partner so well with booze. I’m not going to give in because by this time next week I’ll be in Boston on a lil vacay. Which has me thinking – I need to plan for this vacation and make sure I don’t end up derailing from OPERATION SIX PACK!

GO HARD or get the outta my way! 



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