Magic at the Clink!

UDUB! Bow Down!

What a week at the CLink! ::That’s Century Link field for all you non Seattlelites:: Of course we all know that the Packers were defeated by the Seahawks last MNF but in bigger news the University of Washington Huskies took down #8 Stanford and have cracked the AP top 25! WOOF WOOF Madarfacars! 🙂 I know…there was that other game on Saturday but who really thought the Cougs wouldn’t Coug it?! Now now, settle down I know the dawgs have a tough match up in Oregon and could very well face the same spanking that WSU did on Saturday – but live for the moment! For the week we celebrate that #23 spot!

Not so magical – I’ve got the Cowboys D up tonight in a tight FFL match up so let’s just hope for  only rushing TDs the Cowgirls with lotsa sacks on Mr. Cutler and no FGs for them either. I’d like to get a double victory this week and with my other team up 145 – 77 it’s almost attainable. Studs: Rodgers, Roddy, Hartline, AJ Green, Victor Cruz, Chargers D. Alex Henry Duds: Doug Martin, Pettigrew, Gates, Rice.

PS – Tony Dungy tweeted me! 🙂


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