I’m SO Proud Of You

Well first song on this AM during my workout was Drizzy Drake telling me how proud he was of me for getting up getting in some stairs and doing shoulders. Thank you Drake(who’s real name is Aubrey and former child star of Digrassi – the Canadian version) because I’m damn proud of myself this morning too. I’ve been a little down on myself about weight issues and just lack of progress but I need to take a moment to adhere to my own advice and celebrate the little things. This is the 2nd week of no coffee and no diet coke in a can and I’m very proud of that accomplishment. You have no idea how much the sound of a pop can opening makes me salivate – think pavlovian effect. So here I sit at work with my morning chai avoiding the pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cuddling a giant ziplock bag of gummi bears. ::Yes I am cuddling them because they smell good and I can’t eat them:: Everyone at work has a mission to get me to cave into their world of sugary snacks and Costco pizza but I don’t think they realize that the more the odds are against me the more I want to prove them wrong. So eat up mofos and let me enjoy my spinach with brown rice in Mumford and Sons new CD peace.

AM Jump Start

  • 30 mins of stairs
  • 3×15 DB front raise 3×15 DB lateral raise 3×15 military press all on bosu ball
  • 35 core exercises between each set on bosu
  • Chia seed WPI shake with frozen bananas rice milk and fresh OJ

Everyday is a challenge for me because there is nothing more that I want than to do than stop at the one of 12 SBUX on my way to work get a white chocolate americano and a piece of coffee cake and continue to eat my way thru the day. I know at the end of the day that it won’t be worth it because it’s so simple to make the right choices about what we put in our bodies. Don’t buy junk and you won’t eat junk. I have to remind myself every time someone offers me a delicious treat that I didn’t bust my ass at the gym and sweat up a storm to let it all go to waste with one bite…plus you’ll be the one on FB posting scandalous half naked pictures once summer rolls around that everyone will be jealous of.

Challenge yourself to be better than you were the day before.


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