Master of Fantasy!

A lil too early to get that cocky – I know I know. But I finally won in both of my leagues and had the highest score with NPNC and the 2nd highest score with RT only missing it by 5 lousy points. Ahhhh the feeling of victory is fleeting as I know my teams are in trouble next week with BYEs and injuries so I’ll take a moment to enjoy this. CJ Spiller had been my stud but Jackson is back and I kinda just want him to sit the rest of the year dammit. Despite the Packers getting yet another set of officials who seem to want to screw them over Rodgers got his groove back and lofted me into 1st place in that league. I can’t say the same for Rivers – I should have Dalton start over him every single week. That ginger always gets me points and I hate every week that I have to depend on Rivers…although it could be worse…cough cough NoMo Romo. Sorry for anyone who has that guy on his squad. Congrats on not being a wah baby this week Jay – you should also probably thank your defense for making your life easier. I’ve probably watched more football due to fantasy the last couple of years but I still slightly hate myself for hoping for field goals and cheering against rushing TDs when my QBs obviously need the points. Such is life.

PS – I can say that I’m feeling 100% better about the regular officials coming back – bad calls are gonna happen every Sunday…well Monday and Thursday too…but at least the pace of the game has returned and all is semi-right with the world again. Thank goodness for football and another week of agonizing over who to start and who to sit.


3 thoughts on “Master of Fantasy!

  1. yep.. I had a nice butt kicking in my league as well.. 193 to 159…(winning side, that is!) Even though Romo got bad FF points, his performance still wasn’t THAT bad…I mean the WR’s didn’t help him out much! (Dez!)..I don’t like Romo anyway..or Cutler. eck.
    I have to do some work to fill out a bunch of holes on my roster as well…!
    (Too bad Russell had a bad week…3 INT’s!…They *should* beat Camolina next week…)
    Do you listen to PodCasts? …

    • Fantasy gets the best of me every week. I need to be satisfied with my wins no matter how big or little…this is gonna be rough for me come thursday…sunday…and monday! 🙂

      • my friend who is also in my/our league, is in the worst mood when he loses in FF…lol. And it’s so disappointing when you know you got a good RB/WR and they just lay the biggest f**king egg for you! lol

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