I’m too tired to wiggle BUT I still workout.

My dinner consisted of: apple cheese ham. I miss coffee. Boston is tomorrow and I am utterly unprepared. I still made it to the gym this AM before the sun came up and in the bitter cold. OK maybe it was only 50 degrees but I am perpetually freezing and although the doctor told me I am healthy and my thyroid is fine I’m still shedding like crazy and I’m always shaky. I’m turning into a hypochondriac on a mission!

As we welcome fall into our lives we’re also welcoming layers of clothing that help us hide those problem areas that come back to haunt us once the first sunny spring day comes and you regret that extra helping of pumpkin pie at dinner and the 27 hot wings during the Super Bowl. Well, maybe I’m just speaking for myself but I can’t say no to pumpkin pie and I REALLY REALLY REALLY love hot wings(and beer). Anywho, waking up and coming home in the dark is enough to drive anyone’s motivation into the ground but if you want to get to fitness goals you need to keep your eye on the prize no matter what season it is.

OWN Winter:

  • Get your clothes ready at night so you can shimmy them on with minimal effort in the morning…or just do what I do on occasion and sleep in them if you’re feeling extra lazy.
  • Invest in a wake up light! Unless you have a significant other that is selfish enough to value their darkened sleep not to support your fitness routine this lamp will gradually help you wake up before the sun.
  • Make large batches of soup and other freezer friendly foods so that in the event you have to brave the PM gym happy hour goers you won’t have any excuses on not having enough time to gym and prep a healthy meal.
  • Find a buddy. Now, I say this with caution because if your buddy is the type to talk you into having a glass of wine to warm up(I’m guilty of this) you need to find a new buddy who will get you to brave the cold! My ideal buddy would tell me I’m too fat to skip the gym or bribe me with a post gym treat…TOUGH LOVE. Maybe it’s an army brat thing.
  • Get new workout clothes. Gentleman, I doubt you really care what you look like in the gym…there are a few of you out there who do – Mr. Checking out my biceps with ever curl…so this may not apply for you. But if I buy new shoes or new pants or a new sports bra I’m always more inclined to go work out.
  • Enjoy the cold! Snowboard, ski, snowshoe, hike, run, bike – just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outdoors. Just sack up and add some layers! Maybe it’s a little easier for me to do so in the land or North Face and Uggs but the only day you should be trapped inside is FOOTBALL SUNDAYS!
  • Start a blog. I doubt anyone really reads much of this but blogging helps keep me accountable. I don’t want to lie about what I eat or how much I workout so I blog and hope that my words are reaching someone and they’ll tell me I’m slacking or something along those lines. Don’t blog lie!

I’m really tired and really starting to hate that bag of gummies sitting in the kitchen just begging me to devour their rainbow heads. But I don’t want to be a liar so I won’t eat them. BTW – what is up with older folks wearing shorts with belts to work out? That just can’t be comfy…or am I totally missing something?

As the sun sets on summer don’t let it set on your goals. 


9 thoughts on “I’m too tired to wiggle BUT I still workout.

  1. I’m a big fan of tough love. If anyone I know mentions a fitness or weight loss goal to me, or even around me, I will ask about it. A day, a week, a year later, I will ask.

    • Funny you mention that. I just had a buddy start a blog because I bug him everyday about his cardio. He posted on FB about wanting to get in shape and what not and I like to hold people accountable just like I would want to be.

  2. Good advice. I rode every weekend through the winter (mtb), with a buddy… hungover, or cold, rain, snow… it was one of the most memorable winters for riding! lol.
    And yea, I think winters make champions…! come spring, people are like, damn! you look good!
    (new gear is always motivational…just you have to keep it, the motivation, that is!)

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