SQUATS! Everyone loves em – especially your body!

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1. Bigger, stronger legs

It has long been known that squats are a good exercise for developing your leg muscles, in particular your quadriceps. The most common form, the free barbell squat, is a compound movement that engages several muscle groups, primarily the upper leg and lower back. This allows you to use a heavy weight and put maximum load on the muscles. As muscle growth is proportional to load, by using maximum load you can ensure maximum muscle growth.

The action of squatting is a very natural movement that has been used by humans for thousands of years but because we now spend so much time sitting in one position, squats can be difficult for people to master. The most common problem is restricted range of motion due to tight hamstring and/or calf muscles, which is often a result of the limited range of motion we move through on…

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    • I adore them. I think it’s because it’s the strongest part of my body and way easier to push myself doing legs and upper body. 🙂

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