Tuh-Day is the Day.

Today is not the day for me to dive into the bowl of candy on my coworkers desk nor is it the day for me to walk back into the lunch room and grab a delish looking cookie that someone so lovingly brought in to shove in my face. Today is however the day I leave for a mini vacay with my love! Albeit we are leaving tonight not today and on a red eye at 10:30 in the PM to head to DC and land in Boston and 10 in the AM…FML. I’m already exhausted thinking about the lack of sleep and no 24hr Fitness in the whole state of Massachusetts! WTF is up with that Boston? No happy hour and no effing gym? Aside from the Celtics, Sam Adams, and seafood – I’m starting to doubt your glory. You have 5 days to prove me wrong.

Back to the original point. Vacation day is underway and I’m trying to get prepped for this trip so that I can have fun but still not stray away from the progress I’ve made this week. It doesn’t help that our first real planned event is a craft beer and food festival and we know this girl loves some booze and food. I digress. I will be indulging in the pleasures that life has in store for my palate but I will be running around Boston every morning I’m gone along with random push ups, burpees, and various other things I can do without the gym. Getting back to nature…that’s what I’m calling it. I’ve compiled some tips for my vacay “plan” below.

Vacation Do’s and Dont’s


  • Indulge in the local fare.
  • Pick up the pace sight seeing. I plan on running/jogging the freedom trail and foregoing mass transit on occasion.
  • Ensure hotel has a fitness facility.
  • Pack workout gear. How else are you gonna get your sweat on?
  • Have a muthaeffin good time.


  • Eat everything in sight beyond the point of satisfaction. Say no to the bread before meals and skip the potatoes with dinner ask for extra veg.
  • Obsess about derailing from your routine. I’m guilty of this – I’m already thinking about how I can just eat seafood no carbs aside from beer and still count it as not cheating. Bah.
  • Completely forget your goals. Keep them in mind and know that you will have to up your intensity when you get home.
  • Neglect to plan activities that can help burn calories. This may be a little easier because Boston has a ton of monuments and trails to be walked to.
  • Forget to have a good time. 🙂

Vacations are a very much needed part of life where we can get away from the day to day and enjoy ourselves. They’re unfortunately also a time where food, booze, and relaxation can be a real set back to progress. Indulge but don’t over indulge. That has to be my mantra during this trip because I’ve already scouted through the breweries and eateries for tomorrow night and I’m in trouble. Booooooze and fooooood heaven!

Blog shall be updated sporadically. 🙂

TODAY is the day to commit to do something greater.


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