Make the Most of Your Time -by Charles Turner

Great article to get you thinking about starting a new routine over the weekend! DO WORK!


With the responsibilities of a new job, I’ve found that my schedule has become extremely hectic. I think we can all agree that finding time to get to the gym with a busy schedule can be a daunting task. What I’ve learned is how to become more efficient with the time I do have. Below are some steps I’ve taken to make things a little easier, and hopefully they can help you as well!

All it takes is 3 days a week at the gym. No more than an hour at a time.

  1. Choose resistance training over cardio. Your body burns calories 48-72 hours after a weight training workout. Bottom line lifting weights burns fat, even out of the gym.
  2. Incorporate full body workouts. Not only will these type of workouts burn greater amounts of calories, but they will also allow for a better recovery time since you’ll only be…

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