This is serious…

…I’m BACK! I know you missed my daily ramblings about life(gym), love(football), and happiness(food)…or so I shall pretend to think that way. OK – so this is serious! I have some MAY-GOOR making up to do for the past week. Bah-ston was amazeballs and I for sure drank my way around the city – peep the slide show below if you are interested! Now it’s back to BIZ-NAS!


Woke up in the morning feeling like K-Bibby I grabbed my hoodie I’m out the door it’s time to hit the gym-my. ::My lame attempt to be get motivated with Ke$ha. Sorry::

This weeks goals are simple:

  • Hit the gym 5 days with at least 25 mins of cardio
  • Clean out the crap in the kitchen and  bring in the fresh stuff
  • Say no to booze

Vacations are a great distraction from life but they have to end at some point. On a dark, cold, and rainy morning I didn’t really feel like dragging my sniffly butt to the gym but I did it and feel fantastic. One of the great things about going away is you come back to an empty kitchen! Use that as a starting point to only buy things at the grocery store that are on your nutrition plan. I need to get into Paleo – it’s just going to be a long hard road considering I live with my BF who isn’t so much on the same wagon. But that’s just another excuse so eff it…PALEO I’m coming for you! With the weather getting a little chilly it’s a great time to warm up and burn some calories ya’ll!


Ahhhh nothing like walking thru Boston in all of it’s cobblestone and brick road glory. Except that my shins are permasore and I don’t think I could live a life dictated by the subway. I’m a control freak and like to get in my car and go…even if going means sitting in Seattle traffic. The plus side to my pub crawl around Boston was that I did a LOT of walking and somehow in someway I feel like it kinda canceled out the many local brews I sampled. Wishful thinking but whatevs.

Thing I learned from my trip:

  • Although I may be gym fit I am not walking fit ::wompwomp::
  • I really love craft beer and appreciate regional brews
  • Seafood is my weakness and I will eat raw clams first thing in the AM
  • Dunkin Donuts is dead to me for being a Pats endorser
  • I will go back to Boston to catch a Celtics game
  • There is no place like home

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Take care of business and pleasure will follow.


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