Bi-Winning! MNF Fee-vuh!

Thank you Mr. Brady for leaving your pride and dignity on the Century Link Field as the Seahawks handed you a loss on Sunday. Another shout out to Philip Rivers and the Chargers for allowing me to still win my 2nd fantasy game and giving Peyton Manning and the Broncos a huge win in San Diego. Doesn’t feel good to get shut out unless your team is doing the shutting! Hell yes Peyton – keep on keeping on! I don’t know if you noticed the picture above but it was a good weekend for football in my neck of the woods! There really is something in the water at the Clink…unfortunately it just isn’t helping out the Huskies. Can’t wait til Thursday to see what the Niners have in store for the Hawks! Sea! Hawks! Oh crap…RODGERS! Thank you thank you thank you Rodgers for not having me regret leaving 35 Dalton points on my bench…your 55 points is more than acceptable and I hope that you keep it up! Throw like your life depends on it and don’t get concussed! God bless America and FOOTBALL as we know it!


3 thoughts on “Bi-Winning! MNF Fee-vuh!

  1. I have Tom Brady in my fantasy league but somehow I still managed to win this past week. I’m actually in first place and considering it’s a free league and no prize money and we all auto-drafted because most of us didn’t care too much about it, I’m pretty happy with myself, ha! It’s a happy day for us in Cleveland as we officially have a new owner for our Browns. 🙂 Maybe next year we’ll actually (gasp!) make the playoffs?! PLAYOFFS?!?

    • You guys are getting rid of my beloved Holmgren! I love him. Thankfully I am doing well in my leagues and am defending my championship in one of them…I’d love the $800 prize again this year! 🙂

  2. I’ve got Brady in two of my leagues too… I don’t want to say I was torn between the hawks or the patriots, but I needed Brady to throw a lot, which he did, but not win the game, which he did for me as well! ha!
    And yea, how about Rodgers putting up 57pts in my league…unbelievable! Glad I wasn’t up against him last week.
    Oh, and I lost this week to a guy that did nothing until right before the game where he slapped in three frickin guys from Den/SD to beat me by 4points!! how annoying.

    Can’t wait till Thursday…. warhawks *will* prevail! lol

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