Hibernation Effect – Avoid the Winter Coat!

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I swear I was a bear in a past life and all I want to do when the days start getting shorter and the temperature drops is lay in a pile of blankets in bed…but sadly enough I have to wake up and head to work instead. OH and I get to work out! Unlike the bear of my past life I can’t fill up on fatty goodness to get thru the winterI actually have to cut down on what I eat so once spring emerges I’ll be able to shed my layers of sweats and North Face fleeces and show off my svelte figure. Nice thought but total sarcasm – I struggle to maintain in the fall/winter due to booze and football…but I will prevail this year! I’ve decided to cut some carbs and add fruits and veg that aren’t normally in my diet. Hello squash and quinoa goodbye rice, pasta, and potatoes! Uhm…well with the exception that I still have to buy that crap and avoid it since my lovely mister isn’t about to give them up and his idea of a satisfying dinner is anything with mashed potatoes and Stouffers Stove Top stuffing. Oy vey…I have a gourmet on my hands! I hate going out in the rain and cold and living in Seattle it’s hard to avoid so I must ensure I gain the usual winter coat this year(that’s what I call the extra fat layer that I gain in the winter)! I’m not getting any younger and this fat isn’t coming off any easier even tho it’s even easier to add on…damn you mother nature!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Tweek your recipes to cut fat. I included a picture of stuffed peppers above that have no added oil and no cheese made with lean ground turkey and a small amount of quinoa. Super delish and easy!
  • Don’t give in to your other. I make the effort to buy not only quinoa but pasta for my bf. I use the same base foods in our meals but instead of eating pasta I’ll substitute a salad with my chicken or extra steamed veggies. He isn’t ready to give up his carbs.
  • Take a class or two. Most people can’t pack up and hit the slopes…or like me they don’t want to. So to keep active with summer activities cut out check out a few classes at your gym and throw them into your usual routine.
  • Indulge smartly. I gave up coffee but if I hadn’t I’d be switching from a latte to an Americano. Still can get the flavor without the added milk. Nothing says fall like pumpkin spiced anything so try tea instead you still get the warmth and the flavor without the sugar. 
  • Stay in season. Buying food in season is cheaper. If you don’t have a local farmers market I’m all about buying frozen veggies/fruits to get your nutrients without compromising the quality of your food.
  • Take it in. Fall is a beautiful time of year and so is winter. With leaves changing and snow falling take a moment to enjoy it. Layer up and go for a walk or jog or bike ride. There will be less people out so it’ll be a nice way to get some you time.
  • Just DO IT. No matter what season it is it won’t get any easier to stay fit and eat better unless you set your mind to it…so just do it! 

I’ve still gotta work on limiting my booze. I only had 2 glasses of wine and 2 white russians and a bud light over the course of the weekend…that’s not a lot right? ….maybe.

Just grit your teeth and get thru the cold!


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