Put down the Cookie! I dare you!

I actually double dog dare you! Tis the season for holiday pot lucks and seasonal treats but don’t let it suck you in. I’m not saying don’t let yourself indulge in the delights that make this time of year oh so bright…but don’t be all craycray and eat til you can’t eat nomo’! Some of you are probably thinking if you have to put down the cookies then I should put down the beer…well touche my friend. I’m working on it! I only had one beer last weekend and I’m not indulging in any during week days. Soooo like I said indulge but don’t go cray. It won’t be easy but I challenge you to say no 4 times out of 5 and walk away from the treats knowing you’re making the better choice for yourself. I quite happily walked away from the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie shown above only to find that it had been replaced by a variety of cookies, chocolates, and other goodies in the kitchen. Baby Jesus is sure testing me these days…but I will not give in! It’s more a sense of pride now that everyone in the office is trying to get me to cave but I’ve got my own bag of goodies which include nuts, peanut butter, an apple, and some soup. Suck on that coworkers! Some people find pleasure if trying to get you off your game…find your pleasure in showing off your swanky bod! You work too hard to throw it away for a moment of cookie bliss.

Stay strong and swag on! 


4 thoughts on “Put down the Cookie! I dare you!

  1. Oh yeah gotta love the co-worker trap. I call them sabatours. Wait…sabateurs. Oh however you spell it they are trying to sabotage your hard work. Don’t let them! By avoiding all that crap you’re allowing THEM to eat the calories for you, Mwahahahha! 🙂

    • I’d love to eat a cookie but it just isn’t as important to me as my body goals…my priority is sticking to my plan! Not having a cookie stick to my bum. 🙂

  2. When spring comes around and you look and feel great, and are ready to take the world by storm, have some sympathy for those coworkers who look and feel a bit like that Halloween Oreo stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie. And, at least beer has some nutritional value. I’m just sayin’.

    • I just bought a bottle of Union Jack IPA…I am subconsciously sabotaging myself! Ahhhh. I guess I should be a little more sympathetic…but they keep waiving cookies and candy in my face. Le Sigh!

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