Cooking for 2 times 2

I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to thwart temptation when it stares you in the face at work but the problems begin alllll over again at home. It’s been a challenge to keep myself from giving in to the nature of the beast that is my boyfriend and his love for foods that aren’t on my plan. For example: Last night he wanted a pot pie which I loathingly lovingly made from scratch and just couldn’t bring myself to eat. It took three hours from start to finish to roast the chicken cook the veggies mix it all up and bake it to the finished product and I didn’t even get to enjoy the fruits of my labor! WTF did I eat you may be asking yourself…well the answer is simple. I used one of the roasted chicken leg quarters(sans skin) plopped it on a plate threw together a quick salad topped it with pepper and viola – YOU GOT SERVED! Not exactly the same thing but still satisfying and he even asked if we could have a big salad with chicken for dinner tonight. I think that qualifies me for a win! I may surely get him to jump on board soon enough!

Until then, I’ve decided that it is time to tackle this issue and to come up with ways to make it easier to stay on track without his evil temptations of cinnamon toast crunch, pasta, and all things carbo-loaded ruining my game plan! I’ve compiled a short list of tips that have helped me and maybe can help you if you’re in the same situation.

Double Dining:

  • Use the same base protein for meals and side dish accordingly. I always have salad or frozen veg on hand which makes it easier.
  • Cook only enough to make the meal satisfying. Having extra will only make it easier to sneak a bite or twelve. See no evil!!!
  • Opt to buy the better options. He likes cookies – opt for whole grain fig newtons instead of oreos. Chips – substitute pistachios for a salty crunch snack.
  • Compromise the carbs. If I can’t avoid a meal that has unwanted carbs I end up making sure the next day of meals is nothing but protein and veg. 

It’s not a fool proof plan and there are more tips and tricks I’ll have to use to make it easier but as it stands cooking for 2 times 2 is just the way it’s gonna have to be for now. ::PS – I bought a bottle of Union Jack IPA for dinner tonight & yes I’m prepared for the extra cardio I’ll be doing tomorrow.::

2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 4 it equals love. 


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