30 mins to change a life…yours!

Click this and change your life in 30 mins!

Who has 30 minutes now-a-days to do anything aside from work and take care of day to day duties let alone add in a little physical activity?!? Pshhh the answer is simple! EVERYONE! Every year when my birthday approaches(the 25th of October) I find myself wondering how I can make the next year of my life better. What can I do to enjoy my life more and make the most of everyday? By a stroke of blogging fate I found TRIBESPORTS! ::AAAAAND they’ve included me as a partner – check out the BLOG ROLL!!!:: Thru their site you can join tribes that share your interests and take challenges like the one above to keep yourself motivated to staying fit and living an active lifestyle. If you’re like me…and if you’re reading this I’m assuming you may be a little like me – although I am an original and pretty awesome so no one can really compare – ijokeijokeikiidikiid…but like I was saying if you’re anything like me you can’t say no to a challenge and staying stagnant just isn’t for you.  You need to check out this challenge on TRIBESPORTS! 

Seriously if you have 30 minutes to watch Honey Boo Boo you have 30 minutes to commit to improving your life(I actually watch HBB on the treadmill at the gym.)! We all know exercise is good for us but having endorphin high people across the globe is also good for humanity. Hah. It’s very granola world peace of me to say considering my usual sarcastic and cantankerousness attitude but seriously think about how many hours we sit at work being inactive and sedentary day in and day out. ::I can feel my bottom flattening out as I sit here and type this…ugh can’t wait to get to the gym!:: I urge you to take this challenge and do your best to commit to being a better version of yourself in the next 365 days!


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