I’m BACK! Prepping for the Zompocalypse…

Back to life and back to reality. I took a little birthday break and I’m back and a newly minted 28 years of age. UGH. I never thought I would turn 28 but I’m determined to make this year better than the last and to be fitter and healthier than I ever was before. I tend to get a little depressive around my birthday and wanted to avoid bringing anyone down with my self pity…which in all actuality I have nothing to be upset about. So you are welcome for avoiding my blog and sparing you from my rambling nonsense. Back to the shizz that matters:

ZOMBIES are REAL and they are COMING! Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? That awesome website  – TRIBESPORTS – I told you guys about previously has a great way to help you prepare.

Take the Tribesports challenge here:

What do you need to be prepared for the coming of the zombies? You need to be at the tip top of your physical game and have a plan to avoid those face eaters…although a shot gun and a machete may not be bad to have either. But in all seriousness the CDC did blog about zombies and being prepared for an attack – so heed this warning and get prepared! You may think that your fitness routine is helping to save your life health wise but little did you know you’re actually getting prepped to ward off zombies as well! So when you can’t finish that last rep or running that extra mile seems a little too far then just give up…I mean not everyone is gonna make it thru the Zompocalypse anyway. 😉


  • Add sprint drills into your cardio routine. You won’t just need stamina to out run the living dead you’ll need extra bursts of speed and endurance.
  • Challenge your core. Crunches are a great addition to your core workout but if you aren’t feeling the burn you aren’t doing yourself any good.
  • Camouflage. Get your zombie attire and make up skills perfected. If you can’t out run them you’re gonna have to fit in until you find a chance to break away!

You may think this is crazy talk but I, myself, have a bag ready to go and a shiny REI machete at my disposal once this zombie party gets started. Take this challenge or get used to looking like this!!!


5 thoughts on “I’m BACK! Prepping for the Zompocalypse…

  1. A friend of mine told me years ago, when talking about people who complain about birthdays as they get older, “it’s always better to have one.” So, happy birthday!

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