Mustaches, Turkey, Campaigns – OH MY!

It is Election Day so I thought I’d share this little gem. This is not to say I’m for or against Obama or that I am trying to sway any kind of vote here or there or that I even voted or am avoiding the vote. I love this song and find this hilarious: 

So I’m a little late on November goals but with the barrage of campaign ads, mustache growing, and dreams of turkey legs dancing in my head I beg you to forgive me. I have to beat it in my head everyday that I will not accomplish my goals if I don’t map out how I’m going to get there. Just imagine life before Google maps on your fancy droid or whatever navi you have on your overrated iPhone – driving around hoping that you’ll eventually run into that amazing burger joint everyone has been yelping about only to get frustrated after 30 minutes of driving in circles just to settle for a Big Mac. That’s kinda what we do with our bodies if we don’t plan our workouts and meal preps. Meander around the gym jump on whatever machines are available and figure it’s better than not working out and then go home and eat whatever may be in the kitchen like some Ramen or Pizza Rolls(well maybe that’s just a staple in my house and the boyfriend’s tummy) since you were just too lazy busy to meal prep. Well excuses don’t work and settling is just admitting defeat. We ALL know that Thanksgiving is followed by Christmas and then New Year’s celebrations which all equate to family, friends, food, and booze but that’s no reason to waive the white flag and wait til January 1st to flood my gym with your guilt ridden work out sessions. ::Oopsy I just may have let our a little more animosity than necessary when people are all over FB being all thankful for stuff everyday this month:: I’m not saying that I’m going to avoid the deliciousness that is Thanksgiving but I’m going to take preventative matters to avoid getting into that Holiday roll that leads to holiday rolls. Muffin tops aren’t my thing…whether it be the baked kind or the kind that flop over yo’ pants.


  • Cut Carbs: M-F and only whole grains S/Su. I noticed a decrease in my chub when I cut back and even tho it’s impossible for em to cut completely because I was veraciously hungry this  plan is working for me. I don’t feel deprived but I also don’t feel the need to carboload like I did when I cut carbs completely for 2 weeks.
  • Intense Cardio: Along with doing a 45-60 minute cardio sesh I’m going to be adding sprint drills and HIIT to my off days. It’s a quick way to get in cardio and burn extra calories.
  • Lift Heavy: I tend to lift heavy but not as heavy as I can. I haven’t pushed myself and my results were lacking. Have a little more faith in yourself and challenge yourself to add weight to what you already lift. You’ll surprise yourself with the results if you focus and push your limits. ::Between sets you should feel spent when you’re lifting heavy. If you aren’t sweating you aren’t working.::
  • Supplement: I’m a big fan of CLAs because they don’t need to be cycled off and I do see results when I use them. I’m trying to avoid pre-workouts and anything laced with a ton of artificial and unnecessary stimulants and found a great article on Push past your plateaus with a little help from Mother Nature  
  • Moderate: I’m going to eat what I want on Thanksgiving because I’m hosting again this year and hard work needs to be rewarded buuuut I’m not gonna eat the whole pumpkin pie and a pan of mac n cheese by myself…or so I hope. No booze during the week either. BAM!

Nothing fancy. Nothing tricky. Just good old fashioned sweat, hard work, and dedication to a better me not just this month but going forward.



6 thoughts on “Mustaches, Turkey, Campaigns – OH MY!

    • I’ve tended to be the same way…esp with the carb cuts. I ended up switching around my plan and started shoving grapes, carrots, or whatever produce I had in my mouth until I was too full to crave anything…maybe not a great plan but it works for now. lol

  1. Great goals!! I’m trying the “no booze” thing as well. At least until Christmas. I’m not a big drinker anyways but I find that when I do drink, it’s a waste of money for me. I feel either nothing (Because I let the drink get watered down with ice due to nursing it for so long) or it’s not what I really want at the time.
    I hear ya on Thanksgiving…going to be challenging for me as well even though I’m not hosting it…I just tend to like alot of the carby food. 🙂 Who doesn’t??

    • Hosting and cooking I end up eating a lil of this and a lil of that throughout the day. I end up not being hungry when everyone else is heaping food on their plates…good for my fitness but bad for my inner fattie.

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