Rack City

As I entered the gym and hit play on my Spotify app ::pardon me as I shamelessly plug my love for my DRIOD:: on my anti apple mobile device what comes on?!? RACK CITY! How did Spotify know that it was leg day and I was headed toward the squat racks?! Oh Tyga – this song isn’t exactly about lifting hard but I couldn’t help but get pumped up to hit the racks until I saw that both – yes there are only 2 racks in my gym – were both being used! EFF. I had to muster the strength to go to gym after work and now MY racks were taken. WTF. I was seconds from turning around and going home but decided to press on. Literally. The leg press was open and it is right next to the racks and it was the perfect place for me to stalk the rack thieves until it was my swoop in at the first sign their weak legs were no longer in my way. 

Just wanted to interject a couple of side notes: 1) the winter has sucked the AM life out of me and I am now gymming in the PM. I absolutely hate it but I haven’t found a way to get up as early as I want now that it’s cold and dark out. Maybe I should read my own blog from a few weeks ago. Whatevs…I’ll get to it. 2) I do NOT condone stalking gym patrons while you wait for them to get off your equipment unless you are a 5’3” girl because then it’s not creepy. 6’1” male staring as you workout – hella skeezy. Remember that boys.

There was not an ounce of me that wanted to do any kind of leg press I was at the gym to squat and dead lift…my favorite workout but I remembered my November goals and decided to push myself to new levels of buffdom and press as heavy as I could while keeping a keen eye on my racks. You’ll be happy to know that I added 25# plates to the usual 2 45# plates I usually do on the leg press. BEASTeffinMODE! After doing 2 sets I was getting sweaty and pretty irritated that neither of my racks were free yet until I noticed weights being removed and personal belongings gathered! Before my fellow gym patron could even pick up his towel I swooped in and started to move  in on my rack. BAM – it was RACK CITY TIME! I added 20# to each of my WADDLE WORKOUT sets and even followed up with sprint drills, push ups, and crunches!

Moral of the story:



3 thoughts on “Rack City

  1. Badass…I love it. I’ve been known to stalk a few people..Usually the (assisted) dip and pull up machine. I’m thinking of asking for those pull up bars that you can attach to a doorway for your house for Christmas..Thinking it would motivate me to practice my pull ups. And hence end the stalkery.

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