That moment when…’re sitting at your desk shoveling peanut butter in your mouth after devouring a hard boiled egg so you can avoid the kitchen while you count down the minutes until the work day is over. Yeah. That moment is now. What is in the kitchen you may ask – DONUTS. Not just one glazed donut but cheese danishes, cinnamon swirl glazed donuts, and many more varieties to choose from. I came within inches of reaching down and grabbing one of those suckers only to be turned around by the nagging voice in my head that told me to walk away and remember that November goals have been set and this would certainly not be going with them. Ugh – that voice needs to STHP sometimes because everyone else in the office looked so happy chomping away throughout this chilly Friday. Not I. I sulked back to my desk plastic spoon in hand to dive into my PB and egg…not together…just consumed within seconds of one another. Hmmm maybe I should try the combo now that I think about it. But like I was saying…I’ve been having a lot of moments today and thought I would share a light-hearted recap of my week in moments.


  • You’re dancing and singing to your workout music look up and make eye contact with someone who has definitely been watching you with their judgey eyes. ::Back to your workout creeper stop watching me get my swag on::
  • It’s been Thursday all along and at lunch time you look at the soup calendar for your favorite soup place that is carb and gluten friendly only to realize it’s Wednesday and your soup isn’t on the menu that day and you have an extra day of work and you feel defeated enough to cry and you go back to your desk to find out it really is Thursday making your heart skip a beat.
  • Leg day is in full effect and you add 50# to your last leg press weight and feel like the hulk so you add an extra 30# to your back squats only to realize you’re making horrible gym faces in the mirror and the rack stalker(see previous post) is watching every face you make.
  • You’re too tired to go to the gym and roll over and sleep an extra hour – bliss. ::Everyone needs a lil break::
  • You realize it’s Friday and it’s the weekend homestretch AND you’ve stuck to your eating plan/workout routine. YOU KICK ASS my friend…YOU KICK ASS!

I hope you’re one week closer to your goals and that you’re feeling just as pumped to start the weekend as I am. The holidays are around the corner and we all need to remember to take a deep breath and be thankful. Being the cynical person that I am I often find it hard to be less sarcastic and more positive but I’m gonna add that to my goals for the month. Attitude determines everything and if you have a crummy one don’t expect to feel any different. I’ve got a Friendsgiving and a Thanksgiving to host this year so wish me luck my friends!



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