Lift Heavy Get Sexy

I’m pretty sure if you’ve been around a gym or in a crossfit box you’ve seen shirts/facebook post/tweet with the words: Strong is Sexy or Strong is the new skinny or something along those lines. Well…it kinda is. I’ve been on this quest to lose 10 pounds and get back to my college weight now that I’m about 7 years removed from that glorious time – most people I talk to about this quest give me a quizzical look like uhm you’re already small or that stank face that can only be read as “You dumb beezy – do you really think you’re fat?” OK – I get it and have come to realize that when I was at that weight I ran anywhere from 90-120 minutes a day and barely did any weight training. At that time I could run without fear of my knees being in agonizing pain and I also had all the time in the world outside of class to run as much as I wanted. At the ripe old age of 28 I work and my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to and every donut seems to stick around in places I don’t want it to. I had to do something and like a good friend of mine told me – lift heavier or run an hour or two a day…it’s your choice. As I thought about my achey knees and the lack of time in a day  the choice was clear – LIFT HEAVIER!

I’ve talked about how there’s a big part of me who enjoys working out from a purely shallow perspective: I want to look good. But there is also a part of me that gets a kick out of being able to out lift people around me in the gym…be it an 80 year old man or a 15 year old girl. I just like to win…kinda like my running game mentioned before. There’s nothing better than lifting as much as the guy next to you ::in my case its usually squats because most guys neglect their legs…they win the bench game tho:: as he slowly saunters off to go do biceps. 🙂 Ahhh winning. Maybe next year sir. Hah. Back to the topic at hand though – I have many friends ::females mostly:: who want to work out with me or who want me to help them lose weight and the first thing they assume they need to work on is their cardio. While cardio is great and all you stop burning calories as soon as you’re done running/walking/stair climbing or whatever your poison is. The beauty of lifting is that your muscles will continue to burn calories after the last rep for about 24 hours. Working out while I sleep – count me in! Lazy man’s (or woman’s) workout at its finest! BUT WAIT KIM – if I lift I’m gonna get huge and I do NOT want to be one of those muscle freaks on TV. A-hem. Unless you are calling me a muscle TV freak you don’t have to worry about that ladies. This past weekend at the gym I increased my squat weight by 50 lbs., bench by 10 lbs., leg press by 50lbs., cable row by 15lbs., and that’s pretty much every workout that I did! People still call me small all the time! Don’t get me wrong you still need to do cardio but you don’t need to do it for 2 hours a day every day of the week to get rid of your love handles. You’ll plateau and you’ll get more frustrated because you have to do more to see the same results. Mix up your cardio with long sessions and HIIT plus do some hill training with a majority of your focus being on lifting heavier and getting stronger and I garauntee you’ll be happy with the results…unless you wanna be a mush muscle stick kinda person. In which case you should probably stop reading my blogs.

Here’s a great article posted on Tribe Sports for you to read more about the benefits of training like a lady: NIA SHANKS: WHY WOMEN SHOULD LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS

Don’t be scared if you’re just starting out – just start here

SO…to recap this is why I HEART WEIGHT TRAINING:

  • Body burns calories when you’re not even at the gym. It’s like cheating…in a good way.
  • Quicker time in and out of the gym. I have a life I would like to live it.
  • I like to win…even if you don’t know we’re competing.
  • Flexing in the mirror when you have a new muscle is fun.
  • Being strong will help me fight off the zombies once they attack.
  • Hurts so good. Sore muscles way easier to handle than sore joints.
  • Stress dissipates when you’re lifting. Endorphins are my crack.
  • Strong is the new sexy.



7 thoughts on “Lift Heavy Get Sexy

  1. Hey, that is a great increase in squat weight. I squat every weight session, which comes around every couple of days. But hell, after reading this, I’m adding another weight plate for sure 😉

    • I’ve been taking my November goals pretty seriously and just decided to add some weight since I had a spotter with me. After the lift session they said I could probably add another 20# and still get in more reps next go round…so that’s my next goal! I’m def surprised with how much stronger I am than I thought I was…not to toot my own horn. Just saying we’re all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. So add it on!!!

  2. To coin a really lame phrase from the 90’s “You go girl!” Ugh I cringed just typing that…But seriously that is awesome! I’m jealous…I’m lifting like crazy lately and I’m of course happy with the results but I have a little bit of competitive nature in me and just reading how much you’re squatting is making me want to get back in the squat rack and add more weight..But realistically I’m not there yet. I WAS there years ago and decided to RUN instead and guess what? I’m not that strong anymore. Running was great for a period of time in my life but now weights are my main game. I just get a little sad when I think about how much I could squat almost 10 years ago and how I’m starting over now. On the plus side, I can deadlift alot more than I have…because I never did any deadlifts back then. So, always a positive! Thanks for the post. I wish we could plaster this all over the internet until all women realize to stop lifting the little pink weights. 🙂

    • Lol plaster away although I’m not sure how many people will enjoy my sarcasm! 😉 I really love legs just because they make me feel all she hulkish in my own mind. It’s hard to balance running and being able to run with the speed and endurance you want to and continually get strong. It’s just the classic skinny and lanky run long distances or stout and muscular run sprints…a la the olympic track and field athletes. Keep on squatting and you’ll get back to where you were!

  3. The Gym Ra(n)t « from fit to figure

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