Welcome 2013…finally. Merp

So I’ve def been lagging on my posts and I can’t believe it took me almost ::GASP:: 5 whole months to get back to my lovely contingency of followers. But it is MOTIVATED MONDAYS so I guess it is fitting that I get back on this blog wagon…get it band wagon?… (OK – I’m hoping that at least one person out there is following the musings, ramblings, rants, and pure randomness that is my blog.) Well to recap my year here is where I’m at:

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  • Cabo in exactly 66 days! Which means I’m getting in skinny b* mode. 🙂
  • Working still gets in the way of working out.
  • Cut carbs outside of fruit out 4-5 days out of the week.
  • I am on trying to set “life goals” b/c I feel like I’m in a life rut.
  • The Mariner’s are still disappointing. UW stadium is almost complete. The Seahawks will dominate this year. The Sonics need to come back.
  • Seattle is still home.


  • Yoga. I just discovered hot yoga. I’ll explore this more in coming posts. I’m only 6 classes into the journey.
  • Vodka. Mojito Mules. Such a glorious summer cocktail…yeah it may be a little early to get into summer BUT I have to perfect the recipe now in anticipation.
  • Family/Friends. In the wake of the tragedies that have occurred in West, TX and Boston, MA I have made the decision to love a little harder and laugh a little longer. **

Well that’s about all I can think of right now but as far as goals are concerned:


  1. Lift heavy. (I’m now up to a healthy 110# on my bench press.)
  2. Yoga x 3
  3. Cardio x 4
  4. BLOG

Hopefully one of you is happy to see me back – I’m certainly ready to be back. Have a good week everyone!

**Senseless acts of violence occur around the world everyday and it’s usually the large scale tragedies that seem to band everyone together. The city of Boston reminds us all that we can work together as a community to fight for what is right and that despite our everyday differences we have the ability to push them aside and become a force of good to take down evil. We all need to be a little more #BOSTONSTRONG in our everyday lives. 


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