Why run?

One of the perks to living in Greenlake is having a great place to run right outside of my front door. I force myself to run whether it’s hot or cold/rainy or dry but I can’t say that it’s for the pure joy of running. On the flip side – kids effing LOVE to run. They run and run for no reason without a care in the world. They literally run because it’s fun to them. When do we lose that sense of running is fun and not a necessity to lose weight, stay in shape, or guilt ourselves into it because we had an extra glass of pinot last night? I don’t remember when I flipped that switch….do you? Either way, every minute of a run I can feel my feet hitting the ground and have a sick sense of fear that my knee is going to blow out but I do it anyway…because at the end of the run I feel a lot better about my day and myself. I’ve been struggling to find a balance because I’m too vain to let myself go and I don’t know if that is something to be proud of. There are people in the world who run because they do enjoy it but realistically I am not one of those people nor do I know any of those people. It’s hard to believe that at the heart of my running is just a shallow cause…but the older I get the more that it matters. I think I’m worse than my high school self which is a bloody scary thought. Until I figure out a better reason to run aside from trying to keep my girlish figure and checking out all the adorbs pups around the  lake I’ll try to keep my insecure vanities to myself. Why do you run? 

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No matter why you run – you are running. You are making the conscious effort to get off your bum and do something – that is a victory in itself. 


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