The Anti Yoga Yogi

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Namaste. Chaturanga. Third eye. Vinyasa. WTF?! Yeah, eight classes into my yoga journey I still don’t quite know what a lot of that lingo means but I do know that I’m digging this whole yoga thing. Only the hot stuff though and I hate I mean hate being hot. Somehow I find myself yearning to go to yoga throughout the week to clear my mind and get centered in a hectic world. Now, for any of you who think yoga is just too hippy loving granola peace and love for you…I feel ya. I love a good lift day at the gym and can’t sit still and I love to talk but hot power yoga(no idea what the real term is) has become a new love for me. I want to increase my gains when I’m lifting and unfortunately years of throwing around weights has left me very stiff and unbendy. After reading a few articles about how Lebron really incorporates yoga into his training I decided to give it a go. I mean he is beasting out this season so he has to have some method to his madness. So far so good. I’m actually finding that the breathing techniques are helping me to focus in my regular work outs and I’ve been able to lift heavier with less strain mentally and physically. We all know our brains give in before our bodies are ready to give out so breaking down that barricade is key to being able to get better, faster, stronger, etc. So for anyone who hasn’t tried yoga…I’m really encouraging it. I’m a loud mouthed weight lifting meat eating busy bodied crazy person but it is nice to know there is a place I can sweat out my week and push my body beyond its comfort zone of lifting and running. I leave with a renewed sense of calm and a good 5 pounds lighter…a win in my book. 😉

Try something new to gain something unexpected.


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