Cabo Countdown Slimdown – GO!

Well I have 52 days until Cabo and I am not happy about the turn my body has taken since my Vegas vacay in March. Four days of booze, food, and not sleeping led to coming home feeling sick then getting sick and taking time off of my routine. Now I am sitting here at my desk with 52 days until I hit the sunny shores of Cabo and nothing but the thought of a less than Baywatchesque scene is drifting through my mind. I don’t want to jiggle and I need to do something about it NOW. Yesterday I decided I am starting back at square one and getting my body back on track. ::Plus I need to get hella strong to put a whoopin’ on the joke that is the NBA relocation committee – SAVE OUR SONICS:: I had a pretty light day yesterday and only ran a couple of miles before having to take care of my daily duties BUT I did eat well and I prepped out my portions for a week. So all, here I go on my adventure and I invite you to come along…and possibly help keep me accountable to my goal.


  1. PREPREPREP: Preparation is key. It took me about an hour to get all my fruits and veggies prepped and portioned out for the week but it was well worth it. I have a lunch sitting in the fridge at work that will keep me full and happy. ::I gave up diet soda & processsed carbs…not booze quite yet – I’ll continue to cut as I evaulate my progress::
  2. CARDIO: 5xweek. Yikes. My old lady knees have been a little tender with every run but I’ve rediscovered my love for cycling…in the gym that is. It really helps me to use music as a motivator and adjust speed/resistance depending on the song. I usually try to sprint out hooks/choruses and keep a steady cadence during verses.
  3. LIFT: 4xweek. I like to focus on legs 2xweek adding 1 day of back and 1 day of chest with abs intermingled. Legs are a great fat burner because its such a large muscle group and it’s my strongest. 🙂 The more muscles you can engage the more calories you will burn. Duhduhduh.
  4. YOGA: 2xweek. With all the lifting and cardio and normal life stress it’s a good detox. Nothing like stepping into a hot box for a couple hours to detox the mind and body. No no not the legalized greenery in WA state but an actual hot box filled with yogi heads.
  5. EVALUATE: I will be taking weekly pictures to map my progress to ensure that in 52 days there will be no jiggle out of place when I’m prancing around the beach.

With that being said…here is Day 1 of Week 1:




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