Wind Down and Refocus

Today is Friday. Friday is good. Sleep is better…and I def did not get enough of that last night or this week for that matter. I did however manage to drag ass to the gym or out for a run or to yoga everyday since Sunday so today is my day of rest. I am guilty of overlooking the value of rest and the benefits rest has on your body to restore and get ready for another beast session. That being said – hot yoga was a blessing last night. It’s much harder for me to sit in a hot ass room and hold positions my body is not comfortable in than to throw some plates on a bar and squat away. Weight training has def done some damage to how bendy I am but I’m willing to stick with this yoga business and get stronger and leaner. Plus there is something therapeutic about sweating out all of the nastiness and tension the week brings…not to mention the instant gratification of water weight loss. Today is my wind down so that I can get back at it tomorrow! That being said: I’m supes stoked to be hitting up the newest TRIBESPORTS challenge below:

Take the challenge!


The sun is starting to shine in Seattle and I’ve got a set of stairs right across the lake from me so NO EXCUSES!



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