Vinyausted. Sun Sweat & Tears.

The sun has risen over the Seattle skyline and that means everyone is migrating to the water and mountains except for this girl. I took it upon myself…on the hottest day of the year thus far…to hit up I Love Hot Yoga in Greenlake for a little power vinyasa. I don’t think I have recovered. Dead. Tired. Exhausted. But I’m glad I did it. Streams of sweat and feeling like passing out was well worth being able to master my first wheel…a small feat for some but a big accomplishment for my sticky unbendy muscles. I am patting myself on the back for this as I type. But anywho I woke up with this nasty groggy feeling and I am quite aware that I did not rehydrate properly after that sweat sesh. So friends, now that the sun is out and the heat is rising so must our water intake. Passing out mid activity won’t do your body any good so remember to drink drink drink! NO – I am not encouraging binge drinking – if you are going to drink espesh out in the sun make sure you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume…less of a hanger and you won’t make a fool of yourself. ::I’m getting wise in my old age ;)::

My Progress going into Week 2:



3 thoughts on “Vinyausted. Sun Sweat & Tears.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I have been a little discouraged lately and just plain tired today. Must. Press. On. Hope you’re having an easier go at it!

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