B don’t kill my vibe.

The B I’m referring to is no one other than myself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a line from a song you can listen to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhMnLamHctA [EXPLICIT CONTENT]. IMG_20130508_173301I’ve been exhausted and need to listen to this song and tell myself to shut up and keep my fitness vibe up. I did exactly that yesterday courtesy of MIO Energy. My Crack. My addition. The cardio boost love of my life. I took on the highway to hell stairway to heaven across the lake from my house yesterday afternoon and took the stadium challenge that I posted about a lil bit ago. My only mistake was realizing I still had to run another mile and a half plus back home after that. Seeing as the sun was shining and I was already out I used the opportunity to do some speed intervals on the way home and I was spent. Good day out in the sun getting some color and burning some fat. It’s really hard for me to stay motivated and focused especially when I’m tired and this week has just been exhausting. I decided to put together a list of things I do when I need help to stay motivated.


  1. Caffeinate: After a long day a quick shot of Mio helps me to get up and get moving before my brain tells me it’s okay to lay down because my body knows it’s not.
  2. Sun Worship: A month into winter/fall we alllllll get a case of the humdrums and there’s no excuse to stay inside when we just spend months cooped up inside.
  3. MU-ZAC: Nothing gets me more pumped than a good song to start off a workout/run. Make a new playlist and you’ll feel like you’re getting a fresh perspective on an old routine. Top of the list right now is Fallout Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
  4. Find a friend: I’m lucky enough that my better half enjoys hitting the gym as much as I do and 99% of the time if one of us doesn’t want to go work out the other will make it happen. 1% of the time beer and couch win. 🙂
  5. Goals: We all have our own reasons to work out and keeping your goals fresh in your head will keep you accountable. Put a sticky note on your desk, a pop up reminder on your calendar, a picture on your phone…anything to keep your goals visible.



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